Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Big News!

Well friends the word is out! John and I are having a baby! I am currently 12 weeks along and feeling great! I feel extremely blessed because I only had about 3 weeks of feeling sick. For those of you who know how completely impatient I am and how poorly I deal with illness, it will come to no surprise that after the first week of being sick I demanded John “fix me or I would quit.” After reminding me quitting wasn’t actually an option we got to work. It was a bit of a process but I must say he is the MOST incredible doctor ever because he succeeded! I know I would still be sick now if it wasn’t for him! After completely changing my diet and supplements and countless hours of NET I finally feel normal again! I feel so great I have been jogging in the morning and have gotten back to the cardio kickboxing I love so much. I am determined to have a fit pregnancy! Honestly, it was amazing how great it felt to get back out there and exercise after so long.

As an onlooker my favorite part of pregnancy is always watching as women’s bellies grow; it’s just exciting and amazing! So… I promise to post belly pics for you as soon as I have one worth posting! Apparently I am going to be different than many of my friends who had small bumps by now. (I must admit I was a bit jealous at first, but I have decided to embrace my body’s way of handling this.) I haven’t gained any weight yet but I know this baby is growing, because NONE one of my jeans/shorts fit. I guess my hips are spreading and the baby has decided to just stay low for a while. It is dresses all summer for me! My mom said she didn’t really show until she was about 6mo. along… so it might be a while.

Well friends I suppose that is all I really have to share for now. The good news is I finally have something interesting and exciting to blog about so you can expect more frequent updates for a while!

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