Monday, October 24, 2011

A Nursery for Palmer.

The last few months I have been working on creating a nursery! Here are a few pictures of the completed project!
John's Dad custom built this wall unit to fit inside the closet! I absolutely love it! The closet previously had sliding doors and wasn't very functional for a baby's room. It has added so much storage to the room without taking up any more floor space!

I took the image from his bedding to make this painting.

Finally, the last wall and Palmer's crib.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Big News!

Well friends the word is out! John and I are having a baby! I am currently 12 weeks along and feeling great! I feel extremely blessed because I only had about 3 weeks of feeling sick. For those of you who know how completely impatient I am and how poorly I deal with illness, it will come to no surprise that after the first week of being sick I demanded John “fix me or I would quit.” After reminding me quitting wasn’t actually an option we got to work. It was a bit of a process but I must say he is the MOST incredible doctor ever because he succeeded! I know I would still be sick now if it wasn’t for him! After completely changing my diet and supplements and countless hours of NET I finally feel normal again! I feel so great I have been jogging in the morning and have gotten back to the cardio kickboxing I love so much. I am determined to have a fit pregnancy! Honestly, it was amazing how great it felt to get back out there and exercise after so long.

As an onlooker my favorite part of pregnancy is always watching as women’s bellies grow; it’s just exciting and amazing! So… I promise to post belly pics for you as soon as I have one worth posting! Apparently I am going to be different than many of my friends who had small bumps by now. (I must admit I was a bit jealous at first, but I have decided to embrace my body’s way of handling this.) I haven’t gained any weight yet but I know this baby is growing, because NONE one of my jeans/shorts fit. I guess my hips are spreading and the baby has decided to just stay low for a while. It is dresses all summer for me! My mom said she didn’t really show until she was about 6mo. along… so it might be a while.

Well friends I suppose that is all I really have to share for now. The good news is I finally have something interesting and exciting to blog about so you can expect more frequent updates for a while!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Last 5 Months!

So much has happened since my last post so I suppose it is time I filled you in.

In January I became a CAPPA trained Labor and Postpartum Doula. The training was wonderful; I met some really incredible women. I have now learned so much about the entire birthing process and it is absolutely incredible. I might be one of the only women in the world who is genuinely as excited to experience pregnancy and delivery as I am about having a baby. I have been so blown away by all that I have learned, and am so excited to share my new found passion with others. (Just to clarify we are not pregnant yet. This is just me excited about the some day!)
Later that month John and I attended Dr. Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience and Master Planning for Life Seminar, both of which were amazing. So needless to say the New Year was kicked off with much travel and personal expansion.

I spent spring break teaching at Clark Children’s Theatre here in town. It had been a while since I had taught, but worry not, it all came back to me rather quickly. (I tell you this because I as pretty worried about it before hand. haha) The majority of the kids we had during spring break were completely new to theatre and it was so fun to watch them slowly figure out that at Clark nerdy was cool! I had forgotten how much I really do enjoy working with the kids. Watching them let their guard down and just be themselves, is the best. Kids are always so much funnier and clever when they stop trying to be “cool.”

Then Last week John took me to California for my birthday. We spend the long weekend playing on the beach, shopping, visiting the San Diego Zoo and spending some much needed time with Andrew. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had!

And Last but not least, I have starting writing a new children’s book, which I think is really quite brilliant! John thinks I am funny and a little bit crazy because I wrote the entire first section of the book on my phone! I tried moving it to my computer but I just couldn’t write it there. I have to be able to write whenever the inspiration comes and I am a very efficient texter! So truly, writing on the phone isn’t a problem for me, but he still laughs at me every time he see’s me typing on it. Soooo, I tried to convince him this probably means I need an i-pad! Then it would be small enough to carry with me but big enough that I could read more than a few lines at a time, but I don’t think he bought it! Haha

Well now you are pretty much up to date on my life so I will sign off today with a promise to at least try to update more frequently!

P.S. Oh and we finally remodeled the kitchen, boy was that a project!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is Here!!!

Fall is my FAVORITE season. I have been going a little crazy adding fall d├ęcor to nearly every room in our house. Part of my fall decorating included buying a grill and patio furniture for the balcony outside our bedroom!
I realize most people get excited about patio furniture and grills at the beginning of the summer, BUT that is just not me. It is WAY too hot to do anything outside except swim during Oklahoma summers anyway. Besides this worked out really well for us because everything was on sale!

I got very excited a couple weeks ago as I realized we could watch movies outside on our balcony. I have been working to figure out how to move everything we would normally do indoors, outdoors! I feel like fall never lasts long enough so I have to maximize all of the fall time I have! I had John bring home the projector from the clinic and I bought a white sheet. We turned all of the patio furniture around so that it faced the house, taped up the sheet and watched movies on the patio! It is now my favorite thing!

I also bought my first hay bale last night! Haha. It made a huge mess in John’s trunk. I wanted to use it on the porch and put pumpkins and gourds on it. John convinced me to wait on the pumpkins/gourds until we got back from our vacation since we are leaving in a week and a half. I’m very excited about it though! I have been trying to find a pumpkin patch near Tulsa where we can go and actually pick our pumpkin off the vine! There was one in Stillwater and it was really neat so I want to find one here too!

Other than decorating for fall we have been very busy with the clinic and preparing for our vacation! We are leaving the 23rd to go to Andrew’s graduation from Marine Boot Camp! (For those of you who may not know, Andrew is John’s brother.) I cannot wait to see him we are so proud. The graduation is in San Diego, which is great because John and I have been dying to go back to California. The following Monday we will be leaving San Diego and flying to Orlando. (Every other year my family has a reunion there.) Until then John has us very busy with 2 seminars this week and working extra hours next wed to make up for closing the clinic during the trip! We are also working on expanding to do more nutritional work in the clinic. Until next time!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

a reminder to myself.

Everyone has that one thing that makes them tick, that brings to life their soul. I recognize it as a swelling that starts in my stomach, just below my ribcage and slowly spreads up my chest and through my arms simultaneously spilling down my legs and into my feet. My throat is full like when something is caught or when you try to not cry. It fills me so completely i begin feeling trapped within my body. Every part of my being coming to life and expanding. I am left reeling inside myself lost and yet utterly found. Every time i glimpse between pages of a book, every time i enter a new reality i simmer. The stories fill me releasing new truths from my soul.

The stories don't always come from books. As a child they mostly came from within me. I remember starting games with barbies or my sisters but eventually i was gone. I don't know if my sisters stopped playing or if i did. It didn't matter because i was gone away, lost in the story my brain was creating. I no longer wanted to act them out in games because the physical world was too limiting. Staring into windows, walls, and skies i watched as all the atoms of this world rearrange into whatever i desired. With a reality far more intense than any 3-d movie could ever hope to be.

When i am in my vortex of creativity i do not think what should come next in my story. I simply release myself from physical surroundings and unleash the story that has ALREADY been created. I allow my creative mind to link with my consciousness to create all i have ever dreamed. This is where i aim to live.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loving Exercise

I have recently fallen in LOVE with exercising again! It sort of started last year when i was really stressed out. I started running because if i ran hard enough and fast enough i couldn't think and THAT was bliss! After a few weeks of running i started to notice how much more energy i had. Also my anxiety and stress levels seemed to be going down too! However once i moved back home i got out of the routine and i missed the energy i had and how much better my body looked(haha).

After the wedding I was determined to get back into it! (i know, that makes since right, get in shape AFTER the wedding haha) Anyway, the second time i didn't need the run the way i did before and therefor started noticing how uncomfortable it was and how much slower i was and how my legs were tired and breathing was annoying AND... basically i just didn't want to keep running! I decided i needed a buddy someone to keep me going and make me feel guilty if i didn't. I tried my husband but unfortunately it's too easy for me to say no to him and he accepts my ridiculous excuses way to easily. (ahha love you dear) However he did come through for me. He suggested i take a "gym" class through the school. I got online and discovered Cardio Kickboxing, convinced my sister to do it with me, and well... my life will never be the same!

My class was only Tuesday and Thursday for an hour! After the first two months i was hooked i wanted to go all the time! I found myself shopping for gym clothes rather than cute clothes. I talked to my teacher and she now lets me come to her Monday- Wednesday classes too! So i now go to kickboxing 4 days a week and run on Fridays! I LOVE it! I feel sad though because my kickboxing class ends may 6th so i am currently in the market for an awesome gym that offers kickboxing and Zumba! I keep hearing about Zumba and it sound really fun!

Well that is all i have to share for now John should be home any time! yay!