Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is Here!!!

Fall is my FAVORITE season. I have been going a little crazy adding fall décor to nearly every room in our house. Part of my fall decorating included buying a grill and patio furniture for the balcony outside our bedroom!
I realize most people get excited about patio furniture and grills at the beginning of the summer, BUT that is just not me. It is WAY too hot to do anything outside except swim during Oklahoma summers anyway. Besides this worked out really well for us because everything was on sale!

I got very excited a couple weeks ago as I realized we could watch movies outside on our balcony. I have been working to figure out how to move everything we would normally do indoors, outdoors! I feel like fall never lasts long enough so I have to maximize all of the fall time I have! I had John bring home the projector from the clinic and I bought a white sheet. We turned all of the patio furniture around so that it faced the house, taped up the sheet and watched movies on the patio! It is now my favorite thing!

I also bought my first hay bale last night! Haha. It made a huge mess in John’s trunk. I wanted to use it on the porch and put pumpkins and gourds on it. John convinced me to wait on the pumpkins/gourds until we got back from our vacation since we are leaving in a week and a half. I’m very excited about it though! I have been trying to find a pumpkin patch near Tulsa where we can go and actually pick our pumpkin off the vine! There was one in Stillwater and it was really neat so I want to find one here too!

Other than decorating for fall we have been very busy with the clinic and preparing for our vacation! We are leaving the 23rd to go to Andrew’s graduation from Marine Boot Camp! (For those of you who may not know, Andrew is John’s brother.) I cannot wait to see him we are so proud. The graduation is in San Diego, which is great because John and I have been dying to go back to California. The following Monday we will be leaving San Diego and flying to Orlando. (Every other year my family has a reunion there.) Until then John has us very busy with 2 seminars this week and working extra hours next wed to make up for closing the clinic during the trip! We are also working on expanding to do more nutritional work in the clinic. Until next time!!!

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